Tactile sensory issues are commonly found in autistic kids. (see our post Sensory Issues to Keep in Mind when purchasing Autism Toys to read more about sensory issues).

Toys that incorporate a lot of tactile feedback and provide a focus for autistic kids’ fidgeting can be a good option when tactile sensitivity is at play.

Tangle Creations makes a variety of sensory fidget toys for special needs children. The ones I’ll be looking at here are those in the Tangle Therapy line. These toys fit in your hand, and you move them around almost like prayer beads.

They’re very cheap at less than $10 a pop, but how do they stack up and what do parents think of them?

Tangle Therapy Sensory Fidget Toys In Action

Tangle Therapy lines are geared towards anybody who might need sensory hand therapy—people trying to quit smoking and need something to fidget on, people who need to work their hand muscles, etc. But it’s become quite a popular toy for special needs children.

Probably the best way to show how they are is to link you to a youtube video.

You get the idea.

Some examples of toys in the Tangle Therapy line include:

Tangle Creations Jr. Textured Sensory Fidget Toy


Tangle Creations Jr. (available from Amazon)


Tangle Therapy



The original Tangle Therapy (available from Amazon)


Tangle Relax Therapy



Tangle Relax Therapy (available from Amazon)

Different Tangle Therapy toys have different textures so you might want to try a few to figure out the best texture for your autistic child.

Who is Tangle Therapy Sensory Fidget Toys Best For?

Tangle Therapy isn’t targeted specifically towards special needs children. This means that it isn’t good for all types of autistic children.

Parents and autistic adults who bought the toy say it’s good for the following people:

  • People with Asperger’s who are old enough not to choke on small parts (including adults!)
  • Autistic boys and especially Autistic girls, since Tangles look like bracelets!
  • Older autistic kids who don’t handle their toys too roughly
  • People who don’t mind a toy that doesn’t last a very long time, such as more than a few years
  • Adult autistics
Tangle Therapy toys are bad for low functioning autistics and young children who might choke on small parts.

What’s Good About Tangle Therapy Tactile Sensory Toys?

Here are some of the good things parents and autistic customers say about Tangle Therapy:

  • Cheap toy!
  • Since they look like bracelets, they don’t make an autistic child stand out in public
  • Provide good tactile sensory stimulation
  • Help develop fine motor skills
  • Can be used to teach colors to kids

What’s Not So Great About Tangle Therapy Toys?

Because of how cheap they are and because they were originally geared towards adults you should beware of several things before deciding to buy them for an autistic child:

  • Not very durable and falls apart after not a lot of use. Some reviewers have said it broke within the first few minutes of rough play
  • Small parts present a choking hazard

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