Making and listening to music can benefit autistic children in many ways (see our article Benefits of Music For Children With Autism to learn why). Because of this, music toys are a good choice for autistic kids.

One popular music making toy is Neurosmith’s Music Blocks. This innovative toy lets kids to create music by moving a bunch of blocks around. Each side of a block is associated with different musical sounds and by combining different sounds in different timings your child can create cool tunes!

Neurosmith Music Blocks

Music Blocks: Available from many sellers including Amazon

Another great thing about this toy is that these days you get it for half this price of when the toy first came out!

Who is Music Blocks Best For?

Let’s cut straight to the chase–what ages/developmental stage autistic children are Music Blocks best for?

Autism mother and author Susan Senator says Music Blocks is a great toy for any age autistic child. It uses music sequences and this appeals greatly to autistic kids because of they love patterns.

What’s Good About Music Blocks?

Here are some of the good things parents say about Music Blocks:

  • Holds the interest of autistic children
  • Is a toy that children often come back to repeatedly
  • Music quality is excellent
  • Encourages exploration and learning
  • A great toy for parents to play with kids
  • Intuitive to play with
  • Music is relaxing

What’s Not So Great About Music Blocks?

Despite the great reviews there are some things to note about Music Blocks before you buy it!

  • Not the most durable toy, since throwing the blocks can break the music cartridges inside them
  • Several parents note that the current version of the toy (which is much cheaper than the original version which came out several years back) seems to have slightly lower quality music than the original
  • Current version of the toy doesn’t support cartridges beyond those included with the toy, which means you can’t add on other music types

Share Your Experiences!

What have your experiences been if you’ve bought Neurosmith’s Music Blocks for you autistic child? Or have you heard of other friends who had good or bad experiences with Music Blocks? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section.

Buy it Online!

You can buy Music Blocks online through a variety of online vendors including:

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