Hi there!

JJ with puppet

My name is JJ.

No, I don’t have children. But I believe I can help you pick good toys for autistic children.

Why, you might ask? Well, firstly I do love toys and believe in their power to bring joy and learning into people’s lives. (Don’t ask my parents about how  “beautiful” the mound of toys I refuse to throw away in their house looks, though). This drives me to research and examine toys in depth, either personally or through second-hand research. Second, I have a background in biomedical engineering, which I studied at the graduate level at MIT. There, I focused on assistive technology where I learned neuroscience as well as biomechanics. So rest assured that while I am not a doctor, I will do my best to give you unbiased, actionable advice that goes beyond the “this toy worked for my kids, so it should work for yours too.” Each child is different, and I try to bridge personal experiences with the science behind play and autism so you understand why a certain toy might work for the autistic child in your life.

I started this blog because I had friends with autistic children who had trouble figuring out what types of toys and games would be appropriate for them. While doing research to help them, I found no good, authoritative centralized resources for this information and decided to create this site to help others.

This site is geared both towards parents of children with autism, as well as relatives or friends of families with autistic children. I hope it helps you!

Best of luck in your search!


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